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At Stay Upright we only use well balanced and easy to ride bikes, although our system of teaching can be just as easily applied for all bikes. All our students begin in a safe car park before working up to travelling on the roads. Right from the initial instructions, all our students work with the same qualified instructor.

The teaching methods used by Stay Upright are designed to be simple to follow, easy to do and work on every bike. Students that have tried to learn with other schools struggle with their figure eights, but with our method they find them so easy to do.

Stopping a motorbike is the most important skill that a student will ever learn about riding a bike. The Stay Upright method will have you stopping a bike quickly and safely and you will learn the right technique right from the very beginning.

Road position is also very important. Where you ride on the road is the way you tell other road users where you intend to go. Selecting the right road position indicates to others when and where you are turning. If this is done at the right time, the roads become far safer for everyone.